Monday, July 8, 2013

Why should you eat lot of onions...

1. Onion works as great catalyst for vitamin to work in body very effectively. It adds a lot to increase the power of immune system in our body

2. Onion is good to regulate the blood sugar. 

3. If there is any inflammation and infection on the body Use of onion and onion made products help a lot in diffusing the pain and recovering the the skin destroyed. 

4. You want to keep your heart healthy. Eat a lot of raw onions. That help a lot in maintaining c

holesterol level for a happy heart.

5.Onion keeps cancer away. eating onion a lot makes your body cancer proof.  

6. If you are beaten by a honeybee , then apply onion juice on that . It gives quick and permanent relief.

7.Onion insulate our body from gastric cancers.

8.Onion adds vitamin A to the body. So eat onions a lot. 

9. onion can help increase our bone density and may be of special benefit to women of menopausal age who are experiencing loss of bone density.

10. Onions are very good for healthy leaver. 

11. Onion juice help in removing dark pigments of the face.

12. onion seeds are very good to increase sperm count.  

13 . Onion is great to work against erectile dysfunction.

14. want to cure premature ejaculation. Start eating onions every day.

15. Onion is very good for diabetic patient.

16. Having problem in your digestion system . Onions regulate it . Eat onions for good digestive process.

17. Are you struggling to sleep . Do not get proper sleep in night. Start eating onions and your sleeping habit will improve. 

18. Does your nose bleed often. Cut a piece of onion and smell that , it stops the bleeding.

19. Suffering from chocked throat . Eat paste of onion mixed with honey and have a healthy throat .

20. Want your children get height . For good height , make it a habit of having onion part of your daily meal. 

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