Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Struggle for fair face ends today naturally

Just apply any of the below formula and get the fair skin . 

 It can't be as simple as this .

 Please use the tips consistently and patiently. 

1. mixture of lemon juice and honey

2.mixture of cucumber juice and honey

3.ripe banana

4.mixture of cucumber and papaya juice

5.drink plenty of water 

6.sleep well

7.bleach with potato juice

8.apply tomato pulp and get pinkish skin

9.apply plain curd

10.apply coconut water

11.Apply egg white on the face

12.clean face with raw milk

13.Apply ripe pineapple juice

14.spray rose water 

15.Malai with besan is best for dry skin

I am sure you can't get treatment as simple as this and as natural as this. Enjoy the treatment and attain a glowing face. 

Let's kill the hair lose problem naturally for ever..

                          Fighting Hair Lose IN Juicy Style

No beating around the bush let's straight away come of the point.


You are losing hair. Looking for natural therapy . Here is simplest and easiest proven treatment .

rub your scalp with onion juice 


rub your scalp with ginger juice 


rub your scalp with garlic juice 

keep that for 4-6 hours. Do this as for 3-4 weeks continuously and see the miracle.  

Please do keep in mind primary reason of hair lose is tension and depression So have a tension free blasting life As you just have this moment in your control ,tomorrow won't come for everyone.

Do comment once you get your hair back OR your hair fall problem wish you a good bye..

Monday, July 8, 2013

top 10 healthiest countries of the world...

This data is collated based on life average life expectancy of men and women in these countries. 

Life expectancy can be directly related healthy conditions for living .

Healthiest Country raking : Male
1. Japan
2. Singapore
3. Switzerland
4. Spain
5. Italy
6. Australia
7. Canada
8. Andorra
9. Israel
10. South Korea
Healthiest Country raking : female 
1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Spain
4. Singapore
5. Taiwan
6. Switzerland
7. Andorra
8. Italy
9. Australia
10. France

Are you taking a balanced diet?

The average person consumes around 1800 to 2000 calories in a day. In order to lose weight you simply need to take in LESS than you spend. So consume less than 1800 calories in 24 hrs. But the ‘less’ calories you intake needs to be divided into fat, carbohydrates, and protein, and that’s where the word BALANCE comes in. A balanced diet is generally 1/3 fat, 1/3 Carbohydrates and 1/3 protein. 

The best way to get a healthy and balanced diet for your self is to visit a qualified dietician. Not the dieticians who put you onto new fad diets, like high protein diets, low carb diets, blood group diets, don’t eat carbs at night diets, Atkins diet, Santa Barbara diets, ‘have this pill’ diet, ‘eat only ‘this’ one day and ‘that’ on another day’ diet, falana diet, dhamka diet etc. 


You need to visit a QUALIFIED dietitian who gives you the good old fashioned CALORIE COUNT DIET. 

A good dietitian will insist on a check up BEFORE prescribing you a diet. So blood and urine test is standard, but in certain cases a sonography and other tests could also be required depending on your health situation. 

The purpose of this is that your doctor needs to check your health BEFORE he can prescribe a diet. That’s where the word HEALTHY comes in. In case you have other health issues like thyroid, diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol, high BP, or anything else, then a good doctor will, through the diet, address your health issues if any AND reduce your weight. In certain cases if you have major health issues weight loss could be a problem, but that is only in very few cases I would imagine. 

Each person and his/her situation is unique so therefore you cannot just follow what I am following. 

Importantly, eating less is not a healthy balanced diet. 

When you simply eat less and starve yourself your body goes into what I call ‘famine mode’ and actually starts to STORE fat. So not only do you not lose weight but you also destroy your health. If you take starving to the extreme I suppose you would lose weight but you would probably begin by losing proteins (whereas you should be losing excess fat), and also you would end up looking (and in fact being) unwell and sick. 

So step one - visit a qualified dietitian in your locality. He/she will help you. 

If you don’t follow an appropriate diet no matter how hard you workout you will not get the results you could/should be getting. 

Are you eating lot o pizzas from Pizza hut , domino and papa zones.....?

Eating pizza less or lot have got a lot and variety of misconception. Is eating pizza good / bad .

Simple answer is it depends upon what your pizza is made up of . Yes pizza does not have great health benefits But Is it bad either ?What makes pizza bad :

1. salt 2. cheese 

every time you order a pizza , it comes with lot of cheese and salt. You just need to avoid that . Can you order a pizza with precaution . Ask the maker Not to add salt and cheese a lot OR make your pizza at your home 

Add ingredients of your choice , that can bring some health benefits as well . Lot of People do that and they don't find pizza bad at all. 

One of the problem with Pizza ordered from outside could it the regular usage of same set of ingredients and people who eat it very regularly face problem of not consuming a balanced diet. But in home made pizza you can always make variations in ingredients and make it healthy too. 

So a little precaution and bit of taste change along bit bit mastery on pizza making can make you free of all pizza related negativity.

Enjoy your pizza ... 

Why should you eat lot of onions...

1. Onion works as great catalyst for vitamin to work in body very effectively. It adds a lot to increase the power of immune system in our body

2. Onion is good to regulate the blood sugar. 

3. If there is any inflammation and infection on the body Use of onion and onion made products help a lot in diffusing the pain and recovering the the skin destroyed. 

4. You want to keep your heart healthy. Eat a lot of raw onions. That help a lot in maintaining c

holesterol level for a happy heart.

5.Onion keeps cancer away. eating onion a lot makes your body cancer proof.  

6. If you are beaten by a honeybee , then apply onion juice on that . It gives quick and permanent relief.

7.Onion insulate our body from gastric cancers.

8.Onion adds vitamin A to the body. So eat onions a lot. 

9. onion can help increase our bone density and may be of special benefit to women of menopausal age who are experiencing loss of bone density.

10. Onions are very good for healthy leaver. 

11. Onion juice help in removing dark pigments of the face.

12. onion seeds are very good to increase sperm count.  

13 . Onion is great to work against erectile dysfunction.

14. want to cure premature ejaculation. Start eating onions every day.

15. Onion is very good for diabetic patient.

16. Having problem in your digestion system . Onions regulate it . Eat onions for good digestive process.

17. Are you struggling to sleep . Do not get proper sleep in night. Start eating onions and your sleeping habit will improve. 

18. Does your nose bleed often. Cut a piece of onion and smell that , it stops the bleeding.

19. Suffering from chocked throat . Eat paste of onion mixed with honey and have a healthy throat .

20. Want your children get height . For good height , make it a habit of having onion part of your daily meal. 

Ayurveda - The Evergreen Superpower

Ayurdeva is being practiced across the world now.Medicines like acupuncture,acupressure ,homoeo therapy   have become very popular among all generation of people.

Ayurdeva has lot to do with dietary recommendations. oil and herbal drugs are widely used in preparing ayurvedic  medicines . 

Lot of animal products like milk,ghee, honey bones are used to make ayurdedic formulations. Not only that ,even minerals like sulphur ,zinc,copper,lead,arsenic ,gold are also used to make these medicines.

ayurdeva only only cure the patient but weed out the root of illness and with no side effect. Lets bring ayrdeva in our life and stay healthy, live long.